Owning a coffee shop is one of the most challenging and rewarding things a person can do. There are many issues coffee shop owners can run into with pricing, inventory, customer service nightmares, and menu items that aren’t selling.

One of the biggest challenges is establishing a brand identity that sets you apart from the competition. From the logo, to the website, to the promotions, the branding behind a coffee shop should help tell their story. Every owner has a story that is unique to them so every shop should reflect that originality which will help them stand out among the competition.

In this blog we take a look at the best coffee shop brands in America and figure out what makes their stories so appealing to many.


Santa Cruz, CA


two people posing at a coffee shop with colorful walls

Cat and Cloud Coffee is a fun and upbeat coffee shop located in Santa Cruz, CA. Their mission is to “..leave people feeling happier than they were before, and have a vision to change the way the world does business.” 

The brand identity behind Cat and Cloud Coffee features bright colors and whimsical characters. These lively visuals are seen throughout their website, interior design, merchandise and the coffee packaging. This unique look not only helps show the originality of Cat and Cloud but speaks to their mission of “..leaving people feeling happier than they were before..” 

They don’t just stop at coffee, Cat and Cloud also sell apparel and drinkware and they run two separate podcasts. They are not shy about who they are and Cat and Cloud are creating a culture through their brand.


Tampa, FL


outdoor photo of coffee shop building at night

Brother-in-laws Tim McTague and Nate Young started King State after touring in bands for most of their lives. The idea behind King State is to give something back to Tampa, FL by providing a chill environment where people can drink coffee and have a beer.

King State’s brand identity is different from most coffee shops and fits the style of the owners. Throughout all their branding, King State does an excellent job of remaining consistent by thinking about the details of everything behind the brand. Everything from photos, merchandise, their website and their unique building structure, King State’s specific style is front and center.

King state offers more than just a chill place to drink coffee. They sell their own coffee and apparel in-store and online, and use leverage their consistent branding to increase those sales.


Cincinnati, OH


middle-aged woman holding a glass of wine with wine bottles behind her

After facing city restrictions in their original location, brothers Tony and Austin Ferrari decided to move their coffee shop to an abandoned 127-year-old home, and thus Mom’ N’ Em’ Coffee was born. 

Mom ’N ‘Em Coffee has a family vibe and a classic look. The name was inspired by a radio show the owner’s father used to listen to. The hand drawn logo features the owner’s mother in the center of the logo. All these elements tie together and help tell the coffee shop’s story. 

This is not your typical coffee shop where you’ll find people on their MacBooks or small groups of business meetings. There is a real home-like feel to Mom ‘N ‘Em to where you go in, relax and be yourself.


Brooklyn, NY


Coffee shop with skylight and many plants

SEY Coffee is a “contemporary micro roastery” that is all about their coffee and their tagline says it all, Drink Beautiful Coffee. Specializing in supply chain, SEY provides a monthly subscription of their coffee. Subscribers receive a new blend of coffee each month, which shows the wide variety of coffee blends SEY makes.

A simple and clean aesthetic is displayed throughout SEY’s branding. SEY’s logo and package design are clear and elegant. The interior of SEY’s cafe has a lot of whites and grays which are complimented by a variety of plants. SEY’s clean brand identity helps to show a clear direction and focus on their coffee.


Oklahoma City, OK


Man in shorts making coffee at a coffee shop

Their name says it all. Clarity Coffee provides a transparent look into what it’s like to be in the coffee business. They offer an extensive amount of information to their audience about the farming, processing and roasting of coffee. On Clarity Coffee’s website you’ll also find many blogs and recipes which help to expand on the culture of learning that they’ve cultivated.

Clarity Coffee’s menu is simple but they also have a “Secret Drink Menu” which oddly enough is not a secret at all. But again, their brand is all about learning and transparency so even something like a secret menu is made available to the public.

Feeling inspired yet? Wondering why these coffee shops focus so much on their branding? By telling their story in a way that is unique to them, the coffee brands become more relatable to their customers. These coffee shops are able to increase their revenue by creating their own different cultures and building a loyal following through their brand.

Maybe you own a coffee shop and don’t know where to begin with your branding, or maybe your coffee shop could use a brand refresh. At FABLE we help brands like yours tell their story.

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